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About Quantum

Time-Tested & Proven Radiology Professional Services Provider

Najem Radiology Workplace

We are proud to serve our communities and colleagues.

Through our predecessor, A.Z Ritzman Associates of Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, our practice has been providing professional radiology services to the Harrisburg area since 1926.

Today, Quantum is one of the largest truly private practice radiology groups in Pennsylvania. It seamlessly orchestrates the delivery of professional radiology services across multiple healthcare organizations by integrating numerous disparate systems into its cutting-edge enterprise radiology platform.

Quantum has continued to differentiate itself through commitment to our patients, customers, and radiologists with a focus on leveraging best-of-breed technology as a strategic asset.

Historically, when Quantum has encountered a problem that cannot be adequately addressed by existing solutions, they have developed their own unique products to best adapt its practice to contemporary demands.