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Custom Radiology Solutions from a Proven Provider

Regardless of the size or complexity of your healthcare organization, we will deliver cost effective, highly performant solutions to help you meet your evolving imaging service demands.

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Quantum has built a robust teleradiology service offering with all US-based and board certified physicians licensed in over 40 states. Quantum makes significant investment in ensuring our physicians have the best tools on the market to perform their jobs with the highest quality and efficiency.

Key Highlights

Fully remote mammography program including, screening mammograms, diagnostic mammograms, diagnostic sonograms and ABUS exams

Quantum attracts highly sought after sub-specialty, multi-specialty and general radiologists to join our teleradiology practice

Quantum radiologists are supported by an enterprise-wide diagnostic workstation that allows all work to be completed using the same viewer and dictation system regardless of the originating location including integration of all advanced visualization and 3D post processing tools. This model reduces distraction and interruptions and allows our radiologists to work with a consistent toolset each day whether they are on-site or at home.